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                Multi-Sensor Panorama

                180/360 Degree Field-of-View Full Situational Immersive Surveillance, 96 Megapixel Max.(8*3000*4000)

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                Panorama Technology

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                Panorama Application

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                Panorama Videos

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                Panorama Case Study

                Seamless Situational Awareness

                Multi-sensor camera can provide a more coherent scene than ordinary camera

                Surveillance without Blind Spots

                Achieve 180/360 degrees field-of-view monitoring, never miss any details

                Ultral High Definition Image

                Up to 96 megapixel ultra high resolution view, gain most pixels

                Superior Stitching Algorithm

                Real-time video stitching technology, instead of static scene stitching

                Immersive View Experience

                Put you in the middle of the scence itself,marvelous surveillance experience

                Natural Color-tuning Image

                Advanced synch. exposure technology elimnates light difference in gap


                World-Class Panoramic IP Cameras Provider

                Panoramic IP Cameras的圖片
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                Panoramic IP Cameras

                General IP Cameras的圖片
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                General IP Cameras

                Storage Products的圖片
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                Storage Products

                Latest News

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                Market News

                Market News

                Compatibility Test Report with Brand......

                The world's leading provider of panoramic video......

                Company News

                Company News

                Exhibition Inivitation│CPSE Shenzhen 2017...

                Huatu will participate in CPSE Shenzhen......

                Product Release

                Product Release

                PanoView Software Released...

                Huatu platform software PanoView supports......